Who I am

Hello, my name is Katie. I hail from sunny England and now live in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband, William, and a rather special dog, Penny. In my spare time I enjoy baking, watching English Premier League soccer, gardening, and going on long walks with Penny.

What I do

Aside from being a professional writer I also own a design and marketing agency called Honest Opinion, working with small businesses and associations in Metro Detroit. I am proud to say that I have a reputation as someone who is honest, responsible, and able to make a difference to everyone I work with. If you would like to learn more about Honest Opinion please visit: honopindesign.com Or if you ever need an English accent…

What Else?

When I moved to Metro Detroit I instantly fell in love with the beautiful surroundings, and the historical architecture. I regularly go for walks in the metro parks, and as for the architecture, this is now a passion of mine. Since 2014, I have written a weekly historic blog on the architectural finds in Grosse Pointe, while my first book was published in April 2021 – the Grand Estates of Grosse Pointe.


Moved to the United States


Became a US citizen


Fell in love with soccer


Miles from England

Penny the Greyhound

Several years ago my husband spoke about fostering a retired greyhound. I though this was a wonderful idea, and did everything possible to help make our dream come true. Penny arrived, from Florida, on October 29, 2017. Within hours we had both fallen in love with her, and she instantly became part of the family. I am totally in love and obsessed with Greyhounds, and I am happy to admit we have numerous greyhound related pictures adorning the walls of our house. And yes, there is always room for one more…a picture, and a greyhound.


My beloved family still live in England. Thankfully I am able to visit them regularly. Every-time I go I get to visit the beautiful country houses and gardens that I never got chance to visit when I lived there. It also gives me the opportunity to stock up on my precious english goodies – tea and cake are always a must – along with catching up with all my favorite shows on the BBC.