Historical Architecture of Grosse Pointe – A Tale of Five Cities

Through the best of times, through the worst of times, the one thing Grosse Pointe has is an abundance of stunning architecture.

Recognized for its historic reputation for scenery and landscape, Grosse Pointe has grown from a colonial outpost to a community of prime real estate with the reputation as a notable American suburb.

Situated on the shores of lake St. Clair, the five communities (that make up Grosse Pointe) share an array of architectural gems – a significant architecture collection designed by many noted architects:

I will be profiling some of the most renowned work by these talented designers along with sharing the history of some of the homes within Grosse Pointe that have an interesting story to tell (to name but a few) –

  • Buck-Wardwell House
  • Paul Harvey Deming House – “Cherryhurst”
  • Charles A. Dean House – 221 Lewiston Road “Ridgeland”
  • J. Bell Moran House – “Bellmoor”
  • Sutton Residence
  • F. Caldwell Walker House

We will be beginning the series next week with 15410 Windmill Pointe – childhood home of stage actress Julie Harris and venue of the Junior League of Detroit 13th Designers’ Show house in 2000 – until then Happy 4th July!


Written by Katie Doelle
Copyright © 2014 Katie Doelle

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